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  • 📣 Introducing bLeaH: The Best Discord Bot! 🤖💥

    24.05.2023, 23:05

    🔥 Get ready for an incredible deal! For a limited time only, bLeaH, the feature-packed Discord bot, is now available at an unbeatable price of just €10, down from its original price of €40! 🔥 🚀 Why should you choose bLeaH? Let us show you why this bot is a game-changer for your Discord server: 🌟 🎵 Unleash the power of music: With bLeaH, you can enjoy a seamless music exper ...

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  • Update #8

    16.05.2023, 23:05

    bLeaH received an update: - Added Default permissions disabler option on dashboard - In Help command the commands are auto-disabling when you disable commands from Discord - Commands are now per guild, Owner commands are only available from bLeaH's Support server - Added animated images on dashboard - Added French language - Some bugs were fixed   ENJOY ❤️ ...

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  • Update #7

    03.05.2023, 17:05

    bLeaH received an update: - We added command imagineai - We added command fback - We renamed chatgpt command to askai - We added AI in bLeaH's DM - Some major bugs have been fixed   ENJOY! ❤️ ...

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  • Update #6

    12.03.2023, 05:03

    bLeaH received an update: - We added command chatgpt - We removed hastebin and added pastebin - Some bugs have been fixed   ENJOY! ❤️ ...

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  • Update #5

    21.10.2022, 14:10

    bLeaH received a big update: - Slash commands was added, and prefix commands was removed - We rewrote bot and fixed all existent bugs - We removed some commands from Images category, removed NSFW category and added nsfw command - We removed addbal, delbal, setbal and added managebal   ENJOY!  ...

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  • Update #4

    24.08.2022, 20:08

    <span style="font-size:18px">bLeaH recieved a big update:</span><p><span style="font-size:18px">- Music commands have been updated and now works better</span><p><span style="font-size:18px">- We added <strong>loop</strong> and <strong>crush</strong> commands</span><p><span style="font-size:18px">- We removed <strong>tweet</strong> and other useless c ...

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  • Update #3

    16.05.2022, 11:05

    We added new commands (twitch, youtube), to turn on social post alerts. ENJOY!  ...

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  • Update #2

    05.03.2022, 22:03

    We added new commnands (forcestop, forceskip), to force skip and force stop current music
    We added custom embed color for customise your server's bot's message ENJOY  ...

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  • Update #1

    24.12.2021, 21:12

    We added new comnnands (addbal, delbal, setbal), for manage balance of server members. ENJOY  ...

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