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  • Server Update #5

    31.01.2024, 22:01

    We are delighted to announce that we have implemented some significant changes on our server! We have enhanced the skin system, making it more appealing and user-friendly. Now, you will be able to customize your gaming experience in a more enjoyable and intuitive way. Furthermore, we are excited to unveil the new case system we've introduced. This brings a wide range of surprise elements, i ...

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  • Server Update #4

    20.01.2023, 11:01

    We remake the server by changing some systems, added more things to the shop, and fixed small bugs. ...

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  • Server Update #3

    22.01.2022, 22:01

    We added Shop and Economy on the server! The money is made by farming ores, wood, mobs or voting on the server.
    Also, the server was changed from x3 to x2, as the items were made too easy. ...

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  • Server Update #2

    19.10.2021, 02:10

    We added commands /colors (command to change the name color), and /mcolours (command to change the color of the chat message), to the premium ranks, and minor bugs were fixed! ...

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  • Server Update #1

    18.08.2021, 17:08

    Big updates on the server! The Kit system has been modified with one with a more attractive and much better optimized interface. I also added the Youtuber rank for those who have Youtube channels and want to film on the server. To get this rank you can apply for a degree on the site, and small bugs have been fixed. ...

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